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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  August 4, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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> live and in hd, this is "gd morning washington," on your side. >> moments a leg, a rainy, slippery start to this wednesday morning. we're watching the streets as the storm moves on through town. good morning, washington. welcome back. thanks for joining us. i am alison starling. >> i am scott thuman. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. all that rain and heat, what is the latest? >> the showers are quickly coming to an end as they move towards the north and east. another few hours for showers and isolated thunderstorms. light showers across northeast d.c. as you head toward baltimore, down to the south in
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fredericksburg and southern maryland, additional showers popping up. in the mountains near winchester if we are looking at a couple of showers. nothing is expected to become severe. our forecast on this fourth day of august, daytime highs around 90-95. chance of isolated showers or thunderstorms later this afternoon. let's get an update on the rush hour commute with lisa baden. it was a stressful drive this morning because the rain was coming down in buckets. my vehicles hydroplaning. there are three wrecks on the bill to let. in prince george's county -- on the beltway. two on the inner loop and one of the autumn. the inner loop at kenilworth ave. with the right lane blocks. inner loop after the baltimore washington parkway on the left shoulder. outer loop at the baltimore and washington parkway on the left shoulder. we spoke with a spokesperson from vdot.
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the road were delayed clearing on the beltway at gallows road. only one lane open their until further notice. back to you. >> thank you. we begin with breaking news. storms that blew through our area overnight have left thousands anof palms and businesses without electricity. the hardest-hit area is montgomery county. 4700 customers without power at this hour. our top story, forgiveness, frustration, and a family speaking out. this stems from the crash that killed a nun in virginia. the suspected drunk driver is spending his first day in prison. his family is searching for answers and a religious order is calling for calm. brianne carter has the story. >> the family of carlos montano is heartbroken.
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>> i know mistakes happen to every person. >> he's a father and husband accused of driving drunk and crossing over the medium sunday night in which the crash killed sister denise mosier and critically injured two other nuns. montano faces involuntary manslaughter charges. prince william county commonwealth's attorney wants to take the case to the sep grand jury as a murder case. >> i don't care what immigration does. >> at the benedictine sisters monastery, the focus is on helping the two critically injured nuns. >> we want to focus our energy and appears on the fact that two sisters are struggling to live. >> the benedictine sisters released this statement, saying that they are dismayed and saddened that this tragedy has been politicized and has become
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a form for the illegal immigration agenda. the immigration debate has led to a fight over the 14th amendment. giving citizenship to people born in united states. some republicans say it was not intended to give citizenships to the children of illegal immigrants. they want a hearing on this issue. more bad news for metro. many writers ougpassengers are g trouble exiting stations with smartrip cards. the transit agency says hold it up to the reader for several seconds and you will be able to exit. metro is announcing its largest maintenance shutdown ever. five red line stations will be closed during labor day weekend because of track work. takoma, silver spring, forest glen, wheaton, and glenmont
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stations will be closed to comply with recommendations from the ntsb. fairfax county police are investigating a fatal car crash where one person was killed when a car crashed into a tree about 9:30 last night at the intersection of compton road and luton hall way in clifton. a federal judge will rule today whether california's ban on same-sex marriage violates the constitutional rights of gays and lesbians. two same-sex couples in san francisco or try to overturn proposition 8 which passed in november of 2008. both sides have said they would appeal if they don't win. missouri voters have rejected a key portion of president obama's health care reform law. they approved a new law banning the government from requiring people to have health insurance or penalizing them if they don't. the measure is seen as largely symbolic because federal law
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supersedes state law. several states have passed similar measures. breaking news in the oil disaster in the gulf of mexico. it appears that the static kill operation is working. bp says the the oil well has reached a static condition which is calling a significant milestone. it stopped pumping heavy mud into the oil well after eight hours. it will continue drilling relief wells aimed at shutting off the flow of oil. they hope to have the first one done by the middle of this month. >> 5 million barrels a day. >> amazing. what really caused the deadly shooting rampage in connecticut? family members and police have two different stories. a solar tsunami heads straight for planet earth, have you heard about that? we will tell you when the
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welcome back. and direction on the sun has sent tons of plasma shooting toward the earth. -- a huge eruption has sent tons
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of plasma. >> the national oceanic and atmospheric administration says there's a slim chance it could affect the power grids and satellites. interesting. we will see what happens. waking up this morning in montgomery county, some heavy rain. look at the rain totals. over an inch and a half in germantown. martin luther king high school, a junior high also in germantown almost two-thirds of an inch in fredericksburg. upper northwest d.c. on wisconsin avenue, third of an inch of rain. they are at 74 degrees currently. live doppler is showing things
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beginning to clear out for the immediate metro. pettitte across the bay bridge, annapolis, of showers to the south of us. much-needed rain in stafford and southern maryland. no watches or warnings. 90-95 degrees today. possibility of a heat advisory coming up tomorrow. to lisa baden after this. it has been busy because of the rain that was coming down hard and construction on the beltway in virginia. three wrecks on the bill to let. -- the beltway. on the inner loop there's a crash on the right side before kenilworth. on the left shoulder before the baltimore washington parkway. on board outer loop before the baltimore washington parkway. everything is going to be slowing down in the rain.
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there was construction on the beltway at gallows road. that is gone. all lanes are open. 95 in virginia, traffic moving smoothly. metrorail for strains out on normal service back to you. >> thank you. on this wednesday morning, it's raining out there, 74 degrees. 5:12. steve rudin is not the only ones celebrating a birthday. someone else has a special celebration. the commander-in-chief. how president obama will mark his final birthday in his 40's. a major glitch on metro met syria's backups. i will tell you what exactly happened in the request and whether you'll experience the same thing this morning. the latest from the deadly workplace
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welcome back. in our top stories on this wednesday morning, the family of the man accused of causing an accident that killed a nun and critically injured two others if is apologizing. carlos montano's family visited the prince william county monastery where the nuns live. the sisters are not holding them responsible. bp says the the oil well has reached a static condition. heavy mud was pumped into the oil well for eight hours. it will continue to drill relief wells nearby. a conn community is trying to figure out what led a man to open fire at a beer distribution website, killing eight people -- a big distribution warehouse. 34-year-old omar thornton shot his fellow employees after being asked to resign during a
5:16 am
disciplinary hearing. metro fare changes have been anything but trouble-free. the latest glitch meant long lines at one northwest station and frustrated customers. courtney robinson is that the frog bottom station -- foggy bottom station. >> it was not just at this station but also union station and suitland station where passengers had serious issues exit in the metro stations yesterday because the turnstiles were not accepting smartrip cards. an eyewitness said these photographs. a massive crowd outside the foggy bottom metro station, back up caused by this. that is shortly after the peak- of-the-peak surcharge went into effect. they're not sure if that
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contributed to this, but there is a the turnstile recently had a software upgrade on the sensor. you would have to hold your card it up there a little longer to make sure enough time went by for it to register. we will be watching this all morning. the peak-of-the-peak surcharge for the morning commute does not go into effect until later this month. courtney robinson reporting. >> mitchell says it is contesting safety citations filed by maryland officials over the deaths of two metro workers killed in january when a maintenance truck backed into them while they were doing track where it. metro failed to provide a constant lookout for the workers, it is said. blackberry tries to get into the game, and as a way to know how much money you need for a cab ride. rob nelson has more. >> a touch screen and keyboard
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come together on a blackberry for the first time. research in motion introduced the blackberry torch on tuesday. it gives you two ways to tap out your e-mails. it runs on new software that gives many of the same features as competing smart phones. it will be available exclusively from at&t at $199 beginning next thursday. security exports are warning about a flaw that could make apple's most popular product hon.. it effects the ipad, iphone, and ipod touch and could allow hackers to take control of the device with a tainted pdf document. apple is bringing some of the magic of those devices to a desktop computers. it has introduced a pad that allows you to use the same touch jesters on a desk jo -- the
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same touched jess jurogestures a desktop computer. >> people were easily able to understand it. it gives people some more options. >> it costs $69. the magic trackpad. ever go on vacation and wonder if cabdrivers are ripping you off? there's a new application that lets you calculate your cab fare before leaving home. its maps out the shortest route and gives you a fair estimate based on normal rates in that area. log on to the technology page at i am rob nelson. talking technology, not difficult to forecast what we are seeing right now in the weather.
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>> in montgomery county there has been over an inch and a quarter of rain. most of the rain is moving out of the area. we will look for and conditions for the daytime hours. more thunderstorm activity this afternoon. better chance tomorrow. almost an inch and a half fell in spotsylvania. rockville had a little over three-quarters of an inch. a third of an inch in upper northwest d.c. let's look at temperatures. they will be the bigger story today. 78 degrees right now. we will warm up by 15 degrees for the high temperatures this afternoon, highs in the low to mid 90's. biggers heat and humidity to the south and west of us. it is 84 degrees in memphis with excessive heat warnings. none of those for us today. we could have a heat advisory
5:21 am
tomorrow. a line of showers and storms moved through the area early this morning, pushing off to the delmarva coast. hot and humid through the afternoon, temperatures above average. 90-95 degrees with thunderstorms a definite possibility. warm and muggy tonight in the '70s. it is always warmer within the beltway. taught and humid tomorrow. thunderstorms are better chance at around 93 degrees or so. a heat index of 102-105 tomorrow. temperatures holding in the '90s. but less humid as we enter the upcoming weekend. let's get the rush hour commute with lisa baden. i have friends in slow places. the beltway at kenilworth with a crash on both sides. you are able to get by. in maryland we are looking at the pace of traffic. the rain has settled down.
5:22 am
the american legion bridge. next we go to virginia. the pace of traffic moving nicely at the pentagon. back to you. >> thank you. president obama is marking his second birthday and the white house. he turned 49 today. he has not shied away from talking about it, saying that his hair is getting greater and his metabolism is slowing down. he will celebrate with his friends in chicago. first lady michelle obama will be in spain with daughter sasha and daughters malia is away at summer camp. 5:22 is your time on this wednesday. 74 degrees outside. a bad night for the washington nationals, but the reason to celebrate for lil fans. >> today on "the oprah show", former first lady laura bush on the tragic day she never spoke about before. also, her marriage and september
5:23 am
11, today at 4:and abc 7.
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welcome back. another day of redskins camp and another day without albert haynesworth. >> he did not take the conditioning test yesterday again because of agitation in his left knee. that makes three days that he's
5:26 am
not. the redskins say they are in no hurry to get him on the field until he's up to speed. the nationals against the diamondbacks with a scary moment. ryan reynolds took a pitch to the head and left the game. apparently he's ok. he gave arizona the lead to two innings earlier with a home run. the nationals fall 6-1. stephen strasburg is almost back from the shoulder injury. he will be back on the amount next week. he threw 25 pitches in the bullpen on tuesday. we are getting impachim back. the news continues at 5:30. >> the army plans major changes
5:27 am
at arlington national cemetery. >> bp has reached a significant milestone in the oil spill. the latest is coming up. >> a few scattered showers and some have your downpours out there this morning. we will talk about
5:28 am
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> i know mistakes happen in every person's life. >> emotional words from the family of the dui's suspect. the fallout is not over. good morning, washington. welcome back on this wednesday,
5:30 am
august 4. i am alison starling. >> i am scott thuman. we begin with meteorologist steve rudin and check on the forecast. it was coming down this morning. >> montgomery county and arlington police got hit hard. over an inch of rain has fallen so far. there will be more rain later this afternoon. looks like it's going to stick with us the next couple days. only a 50% chance you will see anything at your house. you're watching another cluster of storms in ohio that will track across western virginia and will impact our area later today. let's look at the express forecast, highs around 90-95. no heat advisories today. that could change tomorrow as we look for temperatures a couple degrees warmer and a better chance of thunderstorms. let's give an update on the rush hour commute with lisa baden.
5:31 am
several wrecks on the beltway. both sides of the highway. virginia state police recording multiple tracks on 95 between thornburgh and rappahannock. people are hydroplaning and spinning out. be careful. i love this camera it shows there's quiet volume. back to you. >> thank you. the storm that blew through overnight left thousands of houses and businesses without electricity. pepco is reporting 4900 customers without power. most of them withouin montgomery county. -- 3900 customers. dominion reported 119 customers. some traffic signals are out as a result.
5:32 am
a deadly crash that killed virginia none could end up a case of murder. the suspected drunk driver spending his first day in prison this morning. if two other victims are fighting for their lives. brianne carter has the latest. >> good morning. today will be the first day that 23-year-old carlos montano spends behind bars. he was transported from the hospital yesterday. the two nuns are still in the hospital fighting for their lives. the family of carlos montano has issued an emotional apology, saying they are heartbroken and saddened. the visit to the monetary resisters were headed and they have spoken with the other sisters there at the monastery. carlos montano is accused of driving drunk sunday night, crossing into a median, causing that crashed. he allegedly killed one person
5:33 am
and the other two still remain hospitalized. we are hearing from the prince william county commonwealth's attorney. montano faces involuntary manslaughter charges. we are hearing that he wants to take it to as a timber grand jury as a murder case. we are hearing from a statement that has been issued by the sisters from the benedictine sisters of virginia. that is where they were headed sunday night. they have said they are saddened that the tragedy has been politicized and become an apparent forum for the illegal immigration agenda. they are grieving and dealing with the death and injuries of the other sisters. brianne carter reporting. homeland security secretary janet napolitano wants to know why carlos montano, an illegal immigrant, was allowed to get behind the wheel again.
5:34 am
>> why is it this individual was still a driving? he was in removal proceedings. why were the proceedings taking so long? i don't have the results of that, but i will get them. >> he was turned over to immigration and customs agents after one arrest and the prosecutors said that he was referred to immigration officials on at least one occasion. if you are having problems connecting metro stations with your smartrip card, you are not alone. many such problems were reported yesterday after the agency upgraded its systems. metro says for now, hold your card up to the reader for several seconds. we will have more on this in a live report in a few minutes. five red line stations will be closed during labor day weekend because of maintenance. this would their largest maintenance shutdown ever. takoma, silver spring, fourth glenn, wheaton, glenn mont cmont
5:35 am
included. d.c. police are searching for two men who robbed a u.s. postal workers outside a post office yesterday evening in the 400 block of southern avenue in southeast. the worker was carrying bags of money. if police have not said how much money was stolen. the employee was not hurt. the senate will continue to debate whether elena kagan should sit on the supreme court. democrats say the solicitor general is highly qualified, but republicans feel she is an experienced nominee who would abuse her post. a confirmation vote likely by the end of the week. a group says it will challenge a decision paving the way for a mosque to be built near ground zero. the new york city landmark preservation committee voted to deny landmark status to a building that will be torn down to make way for the mosque. the american center for law and
5:36 am
justice said that the commission acted arbitrarily and misused its discretion. big news from the gulf oil spill. bp completed the static kill overnight. up next, the bottom kill, cement and weeks or months of monitoring. emily schmidt has details. >> bp says the static kill has reached a significant milestone. the pressure is controlled after eight hours of pumping mud into the blown out well. 107 days into the disaster, it is the first time engineers are hopeful they may have permanently killed the oil well. >> it will be good news at a time when we have not had a lot of good news, but not cause for celebration. >> it got under way yesterday. thad allen warns of relief wells still means about until its next. >> this will go well into the
5:37 am
fall. we need to be in a position to respond probably until the end of hurricane season. >> 5 million barrels of oil spilled, the most in history. 75% of the oil has evaporated or been captured. bp had said it could take a week of testing to know whether it has permanently killed the oil well. still ahead, major changes coming to arlington national cemetery. we will tell you why. the nation's largest free kiclinic comes to the district. we will tell you how to get involved. >> plenty of
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risks, fees, expenses, and other information to read and consider carefully before investing. the most progressive animal rehabilitation center in the country. come down and get a new best friend. >> good morning, washington. hope your having a great start to your wednesday morning. we have a few showers right now. for the most part, they have moved out of the metro area. in ohio there's a cluster of showers that will move toward the east during the morning and afternoon and it could impact the area with thunderstorms and
5:41 am
showers. the biggest story will be the temperatures, 90-95. prodi sunny skies, wind out of the south at 5-10. no heat advisories. tomorrow the heat index may rise to about 105. we will look at extended outlook, coming up. first, lisa baden. i think about pat bennett are what i think of ohio.-- ben etar. georgia avenue at wayne ave northbound. police will divert your around the discovery channel building at the scene of that wreck. let's take you to 95 virginia, left side. looks beautiful in loudoun county. on the green way and the toll
5:42 am
road, looks normal. metrorail is on normal service systemwide. back to you. >> thank you. you have a varied interest in music. you started with garth brooks earlier and now it is pat bennetar. thank you. 5:42 on this wednesday morning, 74 degrees. >> coming up, bristol palin breaks it off again. we will tell you what might have been the last straw. >> it was chaotic. >> we will check on metro's latest turnstile troubles. >> first, the latest on the shooting rampage at a connecticut beer distributor. we wil
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available on chase credit, debit and business cards. chase what matters. welcome back. checking our top stories on this
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wednesday, the family of the man accused of causing the prince william county car crash that killed a nun and critically injured two others is speaking out about the tragedy. 23-year-old carlos montano's family is heartbroken and deeply sorry for the sunday accident that killed sister denise motor. the piece is an operation to kill the blown-out oilwell in the gulf is working apparently. it has reached a static condition after heavy mud was pumped into it eight hours. bp will continue to drill relief wells nearby. a conn community is trying to figure out what led a man to open fire at a beer distribution warehouses. omar thornton, age 34, killed eight co-workers before killing himself. he was asked to resign during a disciplinary hearing. we are talking about some trouble at the turnstile. metro riders are hoping to avoid a repeat of the scene at foggy
5:47 am
bottom late yesterday when spare parts stopped working -- once their cards stopped working. courtney robinson has what to expect today. good morning. >> this morning we will see if these problems at the turnstiles persist. it was not just at foggy bottom. passengers tell us at union station, fairgate, and suitland station were not accepting smartrip cards. let's look at what they experience. and i witnessed said the photographs to us. a massive crowd trying to get into the foggy bottom station. if it happens minutes after metro's new peak-of-the-peak surcharge went into place. metro is not sure if that contributed to the malfunction, but they say that the turnstiles recently had a software upgrade. cardholders will have to hold the cards on the reader a little while longer, something you will
5:48 am
need to do again this morning. the passengers say it was all about confusion, which led to frustration. >> there are signs on the top of it that says if it's not working or not in order. -- says it is not working. >> kind of had to figure it out. >> we hope the glitch has been fixed. we will be watching. make sure you hold the cards to the touch pad a little longer. checking news around the region this morning, major changes are coming to arlington national cemetery. the washington post reports that army secretary john mchugh ordered the changes after an inspector general report found a "general breakdown in sound business practices." that include a violation of
5:49 am
contract regulations and oversight and lack of competition for lucrative contracts. the largest doctor's office in the nation, a massive free clinic will be held today at the washington convention center. more than 1200 uninsured people are expected to attend. the national association of free clinics is sponsoring the event that will take place from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. at of the atoll -- at exhibit hall c. maryland shoppers are about to get a tax break, a tax-free shopping week is next week, a good time to buy back-to-school items. clothing or shoes priced at $100 or less, you won't have to pay the maryland sales tax. the tax-free week begins this week on sunday and runs to the following saturday. >> time to stock up. >> can't believe we are talking
5:50 am
about back to school. it is. august and it feels is. thunderstorms this morning. >> a better chance of showers and storms tomorrow. heat and humidity. if you liked that yesterday and you'll enjoy it today, you will like what is on the way tomorrow. labollive doppler radar shows scattered showers mainly to the south and to the west of d.c. in stafford and fredericksburg as well. and near the bay bridge, the showers are moving off to the east. central ohio, those showers will attract to the east. look at the rain totals from midnight until right now, over an inch in germantown, for over an inch in rockville. six tenths of an inch in stafford. in washington at children's
5:51 am
hospital, one-third of an inch of rain. we are in the '70s right now with daytime highs that will top the 90-95-degree mark. it is 78 at reagan national, 75 at hagerstown right now. showers moved through earlier today. there's another batch jobs to the west. if there's a cold front that arrives late tomorrow night into early friday that will bring us released from the heat and humidity. it will not last. 90-95 degrees with a chance of thunderstorms today. let's check the rush hour commute with lisa baden. brunswick try anain 870 canceled. there have been multiple crashes. in virginia between rabin understands thornburgh. -- between rappahannock and
5:52 am
thornburgh. there's a good pace to and from andrews air force base. in virginia there's growing volume on 66. this i 95is 395 approaching glee road. stop waylon has called off the engagement to levi johnston. this is the reason. he told your that he may have fathered a baby with another girl. not good. a pregnant ex-girlfriend of johnston has publicly denied that he is the father. bristol said he told her about it on the day they announced their engagement. she said the final straw was when he told her that he was going to hollywood to a film that a show but he actually started a music video that
5:53 am
mocked her family. >> that is not a good loaf. -- good move. >> you always want things to work out for the baby. > singer wyclef jean is preparing to announce his candidacy for the presidency of haiti. he was born in port-au-prince and has been involved in rebuilding after the massive earthquake earlier this year. politics and music combining. >> trying to help that country. time for a break. it is 5:53, 75 degrees. time for a break. it is 5:53, 75 degrees. >>
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a greenbelt woman says that she was frightened to live in her own house. >> on monday night a third of the ceiling in her bedroom at an apartment complex collapsed, sending her to the hospital with a badly bruised wrist. dry wall and ceiling tiles were everywhere. she said she called building management but no one came out until our station arrived. >> what is the issue?
5:57 am
>> go upstairs and take a look. >> 15 minutes, workers withdraw dry wall showed up to pass the ceiling. code enforcement deemed it uninhabitable. she will spend six days in a hotel and then move into a new apartment. >> at least she's getting help. >> that's good. there's a lot more still to come in our second hour. >> some bad news for coffee lovers, where you could be paying more for the daily pick me up. >> the family of a man accused of driving trucks speaks out. >> the family of a man accused of driving trucks speaks out.
5:58 am
5:59 am
coming up, turnstile troubles during the peak of metro's evening rush, what went wrong and what to expect later today. >> strong storms that swept through the region. don't put away the umbrella yet. "good morning washington" continues right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. thanks for joining us at 6:00 on this wednesday morning, august 4. we have strong